Complete pool service so you can finally enjoy your pool.

Our pool pros clean, maintain, service and repair your pool and equipment so you can relax in your backyard oasis.

Is your pool ready for the summer?

It can be a frustrating feeling as a pool owner if you’re overwhelmed, or feeling like you just don’t have time for all the cleaning and chemicals.

We understand the demands of cleaning or maintaining your pool.

We have helped tons of homeowners just like you get their pool back in shape and give them the time back to enjoy their personal oasis.

Why Texas Pool Club?

Blue pool guarantee

Rain or shine, our techs will be there to make sure your pool is always ready to enjoy.

Upfront maintenance

We’ll always tell you the need to know information about your pool and equipment so you will never be left in the dark.

Certified and Experienced

Our experts are trained professionals, so you can rest assured that your pool is in the best hands. 

Steps to a Stress Free Pool

Schedule a free pool evaluation

We present a full water chemistry test and equipment assessment

Our pool tech will regularly maintain your pool so you can enjoy it

Emergency pool repairs are expensive

Not performing regular maintenance on your pool equipment can result in leaks and malfunctions. Nobody wants to rush to fix a green pool right before the pool party.

With a certified pool service, that never has to happen. 

We’ll perform proper backwashing, cleaning and maintenance on the pump, filter and heater so your pool is ready to entertain day and night.

You’ll feel at ease knowing your pool is in the best hands. Your pool is for swimming in – so dive in!


Texas Pool Club provides the highest skilled cleaning specialists in the pool service industry. We are driven by exceptional communication and meticulous care. Our five man team has thousands of hours of experience to tackle any pool or spa! We can make sure your pool is ready to enjoy all year round without the any of the headaches.

Did You Hear What Your Neighbors Were Saying About Us!?

Ryan is awesome! He got my pool back in balance from where my old pool company messed up my chemistry. Great price too!!
Steven Foster
Celina, TX
Ryan was recommended to me by a neighbor. He did a great job! He is very sweet and quite knowledgeable . I will definitely use him again
Carolyn Callender
Celina, TX
Ryan was exceptional. His honest nature and informative qualities are above expectations. Thanks Ryan for keeping my home beautiful and safe!
Brittany Floyd
Frisco, TX